Can you earn more points than me this summer?

June 26, 2015 at 2:20 pm


I’m Cam from Khan Academy, and I challenge you to join me for a Summer Surge of learning!

No matter what you choose to learn on Khan Academy, you’ll be eligible to earn two special badges:

Summer Surge: Earn at least 50,000 energy points this summer.
I Beat Cam: Earn more points than I do this summer.

Start earning your summer points now

The challenge runs from June 23rd through August 28th. There’s no special signup to earn these badges; all you have to do is start learning now!

Not sure what you want to learn this summer? Here are three ideas:

  1. Supercharge your math skills. For example, if you’re headed into Algebra I, jump into the Algebra I mission and get started on those mission foundations (prerequisites) to make sure you start the school year strong.
  2. Join Pamela, our Computer Science teacher, for a Summer of Scripting! Sign up for reminders and weekly contests to help you learn JavaScript, one of the web’s most popular and important programming languages.
  3. Explore a new topic you’ve always been curious about, such as economics, finance, art history, or health and medicine. Remember: You can learn anything!

Check out the official rules. I look forward to learning alongside you this summer. You can track my summer learning progress by watching my Khan Academy profile or following @icamlearn on Instagram and Twitter. Let me know what you’re learning using the hashtag #KASummerSurge.

Your fellow learner,

Math questions writer on Khan Academy’s content team and future unicyclist