WOO HOO!!! – Daniel Pearl Magnet High School Has Achieved 100% Graduation!

June 10, 2017 at 7:30 pm

Here is a message from our Principal, Ms. Deb Smith:

I am thrilled to announce that the Senior Class of 2017 at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School (DPMHS) has achieved 100% graduation! All of the seniors have met the graduation requirements and will be receiving their diplomas tonight! I am so incredibly proud of these students for this accomplishment! The student body is made up of students from very diverse backgrounds, students who are gifted, students who have special needs, approximately 60% of students are on free or reduced lunch, and over 20 languages are spoken here.

Our graduating class has set high goals for themselves:

53% are going on to 4-year universities

11% to UC’s

37% to Cal State’s

5% to other 4 year schools

44% are going on to community colleges

1 student is going into the Navy

And 1 student has refused to state.

DPMHS is a very special place, a community of students, teachers, parents, and community supporters who come together to make dreams come true! I am so honored to be part of this school, to know that we really do make a difference for so many of our students. We see the transformation, especially in our “marginalized” students who come here and find their voice, find their passions, and begin to believe in themselves! This happens because every member of this community holds on to one another, every teacher makes every student important, parents have a place here, and the commitment and dedication of the students themselves shows.

I want to thank Dr. Margaret Kim for her constant support, always being there to take my calls or texts, recognizing our accomplishments as they have come throughout the year. I want to thank Andriette Gibson for walking me through the more difficult situations and reassuring me that everything will be fine. I also want to thank Vivian Ekchian and Darneika Watson for their support and leadership. The vision of LDNW is one that has guided us in our work, and I know that regardless of the coming changes, DPMHS will continue to strive for 100% graduation of every class!

This will be a very special graduation tonight! As I present this class, I will know that we achieved what LAUSD is striving for, 100% graduation!

Warm regards,

Deb Smith