Title I Funding Restored to DPMHS

June 7, 2013 at 8:56 am

We received wonderful news this week that part of our Title I funding has been restored for next year. These funds are very important to the operations of our school community. This has also been reported by the LA Daily News. Here’s Principal Smith:

“Dear Parents and Students of Daniel Pearl Magnet High School,

Thank you for bringing your concerns about the loss of Title I funding at Daniel Pearl Magnet HS to the attention of the Local Interim Superintendent, Mr. Byron Maltez. I have received information due to an investigation launched by the LAUSD Administrative staff. Mr. Maltez reports, ” ….Recently, a discrepancy was reported between the original instruction/deadline for the free/reduced lunch application (September 28, 2012) and another District communication from the Title I Office (October 3, 2012) causing a slight confusion and potentially affecting the Title I eligibility for several schools in the District. Daniel Pearl Magnet High School was found to be one of the affected schools and I am pleased to inform you that the school’s Title I status has been restored. Principal Deb Smith will soon receive the Title I allocation and additional time for the Teacher Librarian may be considered by the School Site Council at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School.”

With this new information from LAUSD, DPMHS will hold an additional SSC meeting to discuss the new allocations and give input to the principal regarding the allocation and budgeting of these funds. Please monitor your phone and email messages closely to be kept informed of this important meeting.”


The additional School Site Council meeting will be held on Monday June 10th at 5:30 pm. See you there!