Summer Work Permit Locations

June 24, 2014 at 1:18 pm

Pupil Services (PSA) Counselors are co-located at 13 YouthSource Centers that primarily serve youth ages 16-21 with a focus on engaging out-of-school youth with school and/or work, improving student retention and bolstering academic proficiency. Students receive an academic assessment by the Pupil Services Counselor and assistance with educational options, referrals, and resources to appropriate programs and services. Pupil Services Counselors at the YouthSource Centers also serve as the main provider for the Truancy Diversion Program, a deterrent alternative for students in violation of the day time curfew law.

The agencies at the link below will be issuing summer work permits. Please note the days that the PSA Counselor will be available. Please call the center for hours. Additionally, the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Work Experience Education Office will also be issuing work permits. Please see their website for more details….the following is their website:,153367&_dad=ptl&_schema=PTL_EP. Their phone # is (213) 241-7053.

Summer Work Permit Schedule 2014