Here are some notes about our academic departments/programs and how they support our mission of preparing our students for life after high school. We will soon provide information about graduation requirements and A-G requirements.


The Electives department comprise faculty members from the entire high school.  Many of the faculty members teach one or more elective classes.

English/Language Arts

The English/Language Arts Department offers a wide assortment of classes to meet our students’ graduation requirements and to implement our journalism and communications components. Our department includes the award winning student-produced newspaper The Pearl Post and our student-produced Yearbook.


The Mathematics Department offers students at DPMHS a variety of courses to meet their graduation requirements and to challenge their intellectual curiosity. Students are taught using standards-based curriculum with real-world problem solving practices.


The Sciences Department is amazing and colorful with dedicated teachers who love science and love teaching our students science. We use a variety of instructional modes to teach our students using standards-based curriculum in the laboratory and physical sciences.

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Department offers courses that satisfy graduation and A-G requirements.

World Languages

The World Languages Department offers courses in Spanish. Students at DPMHS have the opportunity to enroll in up to four years of Spanish to enhance their candidacy for college admission. Our students learn not only the Spanish language but the Spanish and Latino cultures and customs.