House Lunch Meet and Greet

August 17, 2016 at 7:43 pm

Good Evening Sharks, As we get this year off to a great start, there might be a few extra messages going out through the Blackboard Connect. I will try to keep the extras to a minimum, and you can expect a message each Sunday evening. You will also get the message via your email if it is on file, as well as find it on the Daniel Pearl Magnet High School Facebook page and website.

Tomorrow, August 18, Thursday, the House Courtyards will be competing for 1000 bonus points for the month of August! Come to your House courtyard for lunch and wear your House Pin to get your pin to count! The House with the most members will be the winning House, 1000 points! You will have an opportunity to meet other House members and make new friends!

On Friday, August 19th, we will have a our first Fiesta Friday Dance! Tickets are on sale now in the Student Store at Morning Break and Lunch, $2 each, and the refreshment will be a slice of pizza. Bring towels or blankets to share space with your friends!

That’s it for tonight! See you tomorrow!