School Policies


  • Only approved DPMHS logo headwear or logo-free headwear in school colors may be worn on campus; exceptions made for religious headwear.
  • Any hat with a non-DPMHS logo has the potential to be interpreted as a gang affiliation and must not be brought to campus. Non-approved hats will be confiscated and may be held indefinitely per District policy.

Dress Code

  • No visible underwear or off-the-shoulder, bare-back, bare-midriff, low-cut, revealing or see-through clothing.
  • No language or pictures on clothing or personal items that is offensive, discriminatory, hate-based, gang-related, or is in any way related to drugs or alcohol.


  • DPMHS is a Gum Free Campus. Gum is not allowed on campus at any time.

Clutter-Free Learning Environment

  • Large items (like sports equipment, musical instruments, cakes, balloons, etc.) must be stored in a central location during instructional time.

Closed Campus

  • Once a student enters school property, the student must remain on campus until the dismissal bell or s/he is released by an authorized adult.


  • Anyone who is not enrolled at DPMHS or employed by LAUSD is not permitted on campus unless prior approval of the principal/designee has been obtained. Approved classroom visits should be limited to 20 minutes.

Personal Electronic Devices

  • While on campus, students may only use personal electronic devices before school, during nutrition and lunch, and after school. Headphones/earbuds may only be used before or after school.
  • Personal electronic devices must be silent and out of sight during passing periods and class time. This includes ear buds, earphones, wires, or attachments to personal electronic devices.
  • Devices heard or seen in class will be confiscated and turned in to be returned to a parent or guardian only.
  • Neither DPMHS nor LAUSD is responsible for lost or stolen personal electronic devices.
  • Students listening to, watching or capturing inappropriate material will have their phone confiscated immediately, at any time of the day. No exceptions.

Media Release

  • Due to the amount of media coverage as well as filming and photography that takes place on campus, all enrolled students should have a signed release to be interviewed, photographed, and/or filmed throughout the school year. The release will be kept on file in the main office.

Leaving the Campus/Early Leaves

Students who need to leave campus during the school day must notify the Main Office by 7:50 a.m. of their scheduled early leave with a note from their parent/guardian which must include a telephone number where the parent or guardian may be contacted, and the reason for the early leave. If a note is not available, parents call the school at least 2 hours in advance before the scheduled early leave, to obtain permission for the student to leave. Students who leave campus without authorization are considered truant, and may also face possible disciplinary action from the school. There is also the possibility they may be picked up by the police or receive a citation.

Returning from Absenses

When a student returns from an absence, he/she must bring a note signed by the parent/guardian explaining the reason for the absence. The student should report to the Main Office before school starts to turn in their absence notes. Reporting to the Main Office after an absence is not an excuse for reporting to class late. You can clear your absence(s) during nutrition, lunch, or passing periods.

Tardy Policy

We will continue to enforce our Tardy Policy. All students must be inside their classrooms when the tardy bell rings. Any student who is tardy should be sent to the office for a late pass and not allowed in class without one. Students who are tardy more than 5 times will serve detention during lunch to make up for lost instructional time. After the 5th incident, student will be sent to detention every time he/she is tardy.

Students who will serve detention will receive their summons during Period 4. They will be given five (5) minutes after the lunch bell rings to get to the designated location. Students who do not report to detention when summoned, or are late to report to the designated location, will have their detention time doubled. Excessive tardiness may also lead to other disciplinary action, including conference with parents.

Clearing Absences and Tardies

Absences and Tardies should be cleared within a week of the incident, otherwise the student will be considered truant. Truants will be subject to the provisions of California Education Code Section 48260, which states: “Any pupil subject to compulsory full-time education or to compulsory continuation education who is absent from school without valid excuse on three occasions or tardy for more than 30 minutes in a school day on three occasions in one school year is a truant and will be reported to the attendance supervisor or the superintendent of the school district.”

Truancy letters are being mailed to the homes of students with uncleared absences and/or tardies. These letters will explain the gravity of the truancy policy and a conference with parents/guardians is being requested to try to avert any negative impact that these absences and tardies may cause the students.