School Profile

School Mission

Daniel Pearl Magnet High School is dedicated to providing an exemplary education for all students in a personalized small school setting.

School Vision

Every student will graduate Daniel Pearl Magnet High School as a strong communicator with the integrity and leadership ability to be a positive influence at home, in the community, and in the world.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Students will be…

Effective Communicators who read, write, speak, and listen reflectively and critically across a variety of modes and media.

Academic Achievers who are self-directed lifelong learners, plan for the future by setting priorities and achievable goals.

Creative Users of Technology who utilize a variety of technological resources and new media confidently and proficiently.

Responsible Members of the Community who as global citizens respect and appreciate different cultures and belief systems.


District Reports

Each year the Los Angeles Unified School District publishes the School Report Card and the results from the School Experience Survey. These two documents can help you get a feel of how well a school is doing and what the students and families think about it. You can find this information for any LAUSD school at For your convenience, here are the reports for DPMHS for all available years:

2012-13: School Report Card and School Experience Survey

2011-12: School Report Card and School Experience Survey

2010-11: School Report Card and School Experience Survey

2009-10: School Report Card and School Experience Survey

2008-09: School Report Card