Adriana Chavira

Chavira, AdrianaEmail:
Tutoring Hours: After school Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (also available at nutrition and lunch)
Bi-Lingual: English/Spanish

Ms. Chavira has been a Journalism and English Teacher at DPMHS since 2009. She currently teaches Journalism 1, Journalism 2 (Newspaper), Journalism 3 (Newspaper), Yearbook, and Film and has previously taught English 9, English 10, and English 11. She also performs other functions in our school community:

  • Faculty Superviser, The Pearl Post
  • House Fellow, Salazar House

Ms. Chavira received a Masters in English Education and a Bachelors in Journalism from California State University Northridge. She holds an English credential and is a Certified Journalism Educator. She is also a member LAUSD High School Journalism Collaborative, the Journalism Education Association,  and she’s the Board Secretary of the Southern California Journalism Education Association.

In addition to her time at DPMHS, she spent 10 years as a daily newspaper reporter.

Ms. Chavira was recognized as the High School Journalism Adviser of the Year in February 2012 by the California Journalism Education Coalition. She has received with other faculty two UCLA Center X grants.