Weekly Message

August 13, 2014 at 6:00 pm

Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Students of Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, this is Ms. Smith with some important information.

Each Sunday, you will receive the weekly message updating you on events and information at DPMHS. I am sending this message today, Wednesday, August 13th, to give you some information that is pertinent now.

School has opened at DPMHS with a roar of energy! Welcome to all of our new families and staff persons. Students are busy learning their schedules, finding their classes, and figuring out how to open their lockers! The Breakfast in the Classroom program began yesterday with only a few small glitches. Today went much smoother.

Ms. Torres is receiving many requests for schedule adjustments, and she is working diligently to get them done as soon as possible. The process for a schedule change is for the student to complete a request form, located outside Ms. Torres’ office and leave it in the box hanging next to her door. Parents and students, please be patient with this process. Ms. Torres is working as fast as she can. Parents, please hold all requests for phone calls or conferences until after next Friday, August 22nd, so Ms. Torres can dedicate her time to the students. She will work in order of priority, with the Seniors being first, then Juniors, and so on.

Our first SSC meeting will be held Tuesday, August 26th, with election Orientation beginning at 5:30 pm and the Election for open seats beginning at 6:00 pm. We will meet in the Student Cafeteria.

Traffic in the front of the school is again hectic, so plan enough time in the morning to have your student dropped no later than 7:55 am. Also, please do not pull up along the yellow posts right at the front of the school, as we have a lift bus that comes to drop-off and pick up a student.

The first PTSA meeting will be held on August 21st, and I will have the time in the Sunday message. Remember to check the DPMHS website at pearlmagnet.org. This will be a great place for you to visit to stay informed. Thank you and good night.

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